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Read this first! – And hi by the way.

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Welcome to About Time to Care, a tiny seed that hopes to start a revolution of better quality decision making when it comes to climate change and our use of resources.

We believe that it is time to reprioritise and start to consider the important not just the urgent. The title of this blog is no accident. Think how easily we are distracted by urgent instructions to act immediately, often at the expense of connection to those around us and our environment.  We can’t be the only ones to be only half listening to our partners with our eyes glued to alerts on our mobile phones! 

Care is a powerful force in the world.  When we care, we say: we are taking some responsibility for what happens here. We believe that there is a firm link between caring for other social and public 'goods' and caring for the environment. The company that pays its fair share of tax or that treats its staff like family will also want to act sustainably. The community that looks out for its elderly will be more inclined to recycle its rubbish. The family that is able to look after their children in a way that doesn't put pressure on their finances, will be able to make better quality decisions about what it consumes.

Care is hugely empowering. To care is to take a stake in the world. In this age of over-consumption, overwhelm and over-work, to care may seem luxurious.

Care could be radical.

And yet when we stop to consider the environmental damage that is with us right now (and only getting worse by the way) almost all of us express a sense of disempowerment and ‘what can I possibly do?’ about it.

About Time to Care is about the intersection of two things: our continual prioritising of the urgent over the important; and our almost universal sense of powerlessness about climate change. We want to help you to feel empowered to do something, and to sustain that feeling. We draw a lot on existing research from psychology and behavioural economics to try to explain our behaviour in relation to sustainability in a more rigorous way. 

We are systems thinkers so you’ll also find lots of discussion here about whole systems and how they interact.

Someone wise once said: “When you show someone the whole system, they can’t help but act with integrity.” 

We say: “Once you’ve seen it, you can’t unsee it.” 

That’s how many of us now feel about plastic thanks to David Attenborough’s Blue Planet.  At About Time to Care we want to help you to see a few other things that may be lurking in the unconscious or simply in the climate change world, that you might find empowering.

To put it another way: It doesn’t matter what other people may or may not be doing. This isn’t a time to keep up with the Jones’.  We are all either part of the problem or the solution. We would rather be part of the solution.


Who writes for us


Our contributors come from a wide variety of backgrounds, and we are always keen to hear from people who have an angle on climate change.  What unites us is a desire to damn well do something about it!  We can’t stand being anxious bystanders, and we want to devise tangible solutions that it’s possible to implement.  While environmentalists and climate scientists are also very welcome here, we especially want to present the opinions of everyday people like us who feel on the sidelines and want to get on the climate change pitch in their own way.  Tackling climate change will take all of us.  Now!  (There’s some urgency to get you moving…)

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