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About Time to Care was set up in 2017 by Charly Cox, as a result of frustration with her struggle to create enough time for caring, whether formally for her family, or more broadly for her community and the planet.

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Charly is a Climate Change Coach and the Founder of the Climate Change Coaches. She has always worked in and around issues of social inequality, but after having her daughter in 2016, Charly found herself up close and personal with the unfairness of the care system when it comes to something as ubiquitous and everyday as raising children. Charly saw families trying to squeeze themselves into a new way of living and working, almost trying to hide in plain sight of the conventional world of work, in which it was frowned upon to acknowledge the existence of a life outside the day job. This was burning people out, leaving others behind and creating a society that complained of little time and even less satisfaction. As a keen enthusiast of work (or a self-confessed workaholic) this struck Charly as a productivity problem as much as a social one. She began to wonder what could be structurally done to address the system, as well as the individuals within it. At the same time, she couldn't stop thinking about the car crash of climate change, and wonder whether our myopic focus on work, was preventing us from looking at the bigger picture of the planet.

As she chased this rabbit down its hole, Charly began to consider many other structural problems beyond childcare, that were contributing to our fragmented society and lack of environmental sustainability, and wondered if in fact the speed at which we live could be a root cause of many of the problems we face. Instead of addressing this man-made 'need' for speed at a systemic, structural level, we are instead demonising those who can no longer keep up, whether through active choice or necessity. And in doing that, Charly argues, we're missing the point, and missing an opportunity. What if we could acknowledge that we can't have it all? What if we could slow down and focus on what's actually important for our survival? What if it's time to get off the hamster wheel? What if it was about: time to care?

Through thought-provoking writing and links, Charly and her co-conspirators explore the connection between the fast pace of modern life and our inability to make time to tackle systemic social and environmental issues. The solution may be blindingly simple and devilishly difficult, but that what's at stake is the continued survival of our societies and our planet.